by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 121

Friends, if you have your Bibles now, turn with me,
please, to Psalm 121. We are going to speak today to
the people of God on the subject, "God's Mighty Care
For His Own." Now by "His Own" I mean those who really
love Him, those who are saved, those who are really
the people of God, and I am dedicating this broadcast
of COMFORT, God's mighty CARE, to the sick friends and
the shut-in friends and to every CHRISTIAN who listens
to this broadcast and who loves the Lord. I do not
mean we are not interested in you friends who are not
saved, but I hope that you will see WHAT YOU ARE
MISSING, by not being saved, not having the mighty God
to take care of you, as expressed in this Psalm.

In reading the Bible, there are two classes of people
addressed, the saved and the unsaved. Again, sometimes
Satan is addressed. We must designate to whom the Lord
is speaking. It is never right for a Christian to
appropriate to himself that which is written to an
unsaved person. For instance, if you are a born again
child of God, and you are sitting in an audience and a
man is preaching on Hell, he is not referring to you,
because you are not going there if you are a believer
in Christ; if you are born of the Spirit of God.
God's people are not going to Hell; they are going to
heaven. You will be listening from interest as to
those who are lost, and your sympathy will go to the
lost, but you won't apply that to yourself and get all
frightened and upset, because you are a born again
believer. And believing people, who love the LORD, are
not going to Hell. So you have no right to apply that
which is written to the unsaved, to yourself.

The opposite also is true. What is written to the
saved is never to be applied to the unsaved. Sometimes
at funeral services pastors read, for instance, John
14. "Let not your heart be troubled." Unsaved people
sit out there and ...

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