by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Corinthians 2:14

We want to study today the TRIUMPH OF CHRIST OVER
PAUL, how Christ captured Paul when Paul was
fighting against Him; how Paul glories in the fact
that he is a captive of the Lord Jesus, that he
belongs to Him, that Christ bought him and conquered
him and got the victory over him.

Some people today think that God is not conquering any
more, that He cannot conquer proud wills, that people
can't be broken down by God. But I want to tell you
that that isn't so! God is still capturing people who
are fighting against Him. The Bible reveals that the
natural man is at enmity with God. People are at
enmity with God. When a person hears about God for the
first time at the age of accountability, and does not
surrender to Him, then that person begins to fight
Him. They begin to run from Him. They begin to be
God's enemy and the enemy of their own souls. They are
like mad people who burn down their own houses over
their heads. They are like a suicide with a razor,
about to destroy his own life. They become sinners
against their own selves, self-murderers. Not only do
they fight God, but in fighting God, they destroy

Paul said that in his mad career toward hell, CHRIST
reached out in His Almighty Love and Grace and stopped
him, conquered him, and made him His slave. And Paul
says, "Thanks be unto God who always leadeth us in the
triumphal procession in Christ."

The picture there is that of a Roman conqueror, who
has been out on a campaign against the enemies of
Rome, and having taken the city of the enemy, he has
taken captive the ruler of the city and the other high
men, and he comes riding back into Rome with his
string of captives, and the Roman people acclaim him
as victoriously he rides in his chariot, chained
behind his chariot the king of the enemy country and
the other captives, and a triumphal procession follows
the ...

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