by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 4:13

Today, friends, we are studying one of the most
wonderful statements in all the Bible. Romans 4:13. We
found out that Abraham was saved by promise, and not
by law. God made him one promise, Abraham believed
that promise, and was gloriously saved. We found that
"keeping commandments" has nothing to do with
salvation, because Abraham was declared righteous
before the Law was ever given. We found also that
Promise is the very opposite of Law, that they do not
mix. So you can't be saved by Law and Promise too! If
you are saved by Law, there's no use of God promising
anything, and He did promise, so that means we are not
saved by Law at all.

Now. We read in verse 13 that God gave him the promise
that he should be HEIR OF THE WORLD. Abraham believed
that one promise of God and was saved. We found that
you and I can believe God's promise about Jesus, one
promise, and be saved and know we are saved, and not
worry about whether we have kept all God's
commandments or not, for that isn't the thing that
saves. We are saved by faith. You can be sure that
when a person is saved, he will seek to please the
Lord, but that isn't what saves you. We are saved by

What we are concerned about today is that God promised
Abraham he should be HEIR OF THE WORLD. What does that
mean? The word HEIR means "inheritor, owner,
possessor." God promised Abraham that he should
POSSESS the world.

There are four things that are clearly promised to
Abraham. We study it back in Genesis. Four things are
involved in this one promise.

First, God promised to give Abraham a son. That was a
wonderful thing, for God to promise to give Abraham a
son. Wonderful, because Abraham was far beyond the
period when a man could have a son. He was an old man.
Not only that, but his wife was incapable of having
children. Sarah was barren. So it looked like the mos ...

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