by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 6:1-7

You know, it is a wonderful thing to work for the LORD. In
Isaiah the sixth chapter we have the record of Isaiah's
experience with the Lord. One of the wonderful things in
studying the Bible is to see how individual men met the
Lord and just what they went through when they met Him! It
is wonderful---it is encouraging! It teaches us that we,
too, may, walk with God, even as they walked with God.

In Isaiah 6, we have Isaiah's experience with the Lord. We
don't hear much about "experience" anymore. Back in the old
days, men and women had what they called "Experience
Meetings" in which they would get up and tell what God had
done for their souls. We don't hear that often today. We've
gotten cold and formal. I'm wondering, friends, if part of
it isn't because we aren't HAVING experiences with God. How
long has it been since you really reached out and "touched
the hem of the Lord's garment"? How long has it been since
your own soul was quenched with the Living Water of the
Word of God? How long since it has been since you had an
experience with the Lord in which you knew that He touched
you, and you touched Him, and God blessed your heart, and
you rejoiced in the Lord? I tell you, friends, what we need
today is the BAPTISM OF FIRE. Isaiah had it! And it made a

Definite Time

There was a definite time in Isaiah's life when he met God
and knew it. He gives his own testimony here in verse 1.
"In the year that King Usziah died, I saw also the Lord."
Isaiah would never forget the year that King Uzziah died!
Not because of King Uzziah, or his death, or funeral, nor
because the entire city was in mourning and all the nation
was concerned over the death of their monarch---not at all.
Isaiah remembered that year because it was the year that HE
MET THE LORD. He didn't say anything about a certain day.
He didn't say any certain hour or ...

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