by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Job 42:7

In the Book of Job, chapter 42 and verse 7, we read these
words: "And it was so that after the Lord had spoken these
words unto Job, the Lord said, My wrath is kindled against
thy two friends, for ye have not spoken of Me right, as My
servant Job." (God is speaking here to one of the three
friends of Job.)

"You have not spoken of Me RIGHT." This passage is at the
end of the famous Book of Job, and in the few minutes that
I have I just want to point out this thought that came to
me the other day in my meditations. It is a tremendous

The Book of Job records four men, thinking, reasoning,
speaking their thoughts about God and human suffering.
Human suffering has always been a great problem. The
problem of pain! I pulled a volume off my study shelf this
morning about the problem of pain. I have another volume,
Christ and Human Suffering. This problem has caused a lot
of people to stumble. We don't know all the answers, but
there is one thing here that is very vital to us who love
the Lord. The Book of Job records Job, best man God had on
earth, SUFFERING. He lost his health. He lost his wealth.
He lost ten children in one day in a terrible destruction,
and here he is, a SUFFERING man. These three friends gather
around him and reason with Job as to WHY he is suffering,
in regard to God, what GOD has to do with it. These men
speak one at a time through this book, and Job replies to
them. Here are forty-two chapters of MEN'S THINKING and
reasoning about God. This is a wonderful book, one that
every one of us should know.

Now these men, we find, are DIVIDED in their thinking. The
three are AGAINST Job. They take an idea opposite to Job's.
Job's idea about God and Who He is and what He does toward
men and about His Being and activities toward men in their
sins was DIFFERENT from theirs. And the amazing thing we
learn here is that the major ...

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