by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 14

I remember when I was converted, some twenty-two years
ago, and I often think back to that marvelous
experience with God. I had a Bible in my hand. I
realized that this Book, the Bible, is THE BOOK OF
GOD. I fell in love with the Bible! I began to read
it, and I just didn't have enough time to study it!
I'd arise early in the morning, I'd set my alarm
clock---and study it. I read it on the streetcar. I
took time out of my lunch period to read it. My
thoughts were constantly on this wonderful BOOK OF
GOD. When I rode home from work, I read the Bible. To
my thirsting soul, the Bible was like refreshing
waters! I LOVED the Word of the Living God.

You know, that is a thing that makes me feel concerned
about some Christians: they say they are saved, but
they seem to care little about the Word, that reveals
to them THEIR salvation! I just wonder, does God give
one man a LOVE for the Word and another seemingly no
concern for it? I don't think so. What God gives a
preacher; He can give to anybody else. I sometimes
tremble about this, friends. For when the Spirit of
God comes into your heart, He leads you to the Bible
to read it and love it. You love it with all your
soul. I can say honestly that in these twenty-two
years, the most glorious TREASURE I have had has been
my Bible! Oh, the blessed hours I have spent in it!
And it is just as sweet to me today as it was back
then when I first met the Lord. When my eyes fell on
the pages of His Holy Book, He gave me a love for it.

It's all God's Word, from beginning to end. The Old
Testament is the Word of God; the New Testament is the
Word of God. You must rightly study it, to be sure.
But the same God is there in the Old, as in the New.
It is all precious.

But if someone asked me, "If you had to choose between
the Old Testament and the New, which would you
choose?" I'd say, "The New Testament. Why? ...

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