by Jesse Hendley

Purity Of Heart And Speech
Jesse M. Hendley
John 2:5

I want to read to you the words of Mary, the mother of Jesus, as found in John 2:5, at the wedding feast, when she said to the servants, ''Whatsoever He saith unto you, do it.''

I want to call your attention, to that word ''whatsoever.'' WHATEVER our Lord says to do, we are to do it. Today we are discussing some of the things Jesus told us to do.

One of the things that the Lord Jesus Christ said was that we are to RENOUNCE SELF. We are to renounce ourselves. The thing that hinders most of us is that we have never been crucified. We don't know what it means to live the crucified life.

I was talking to a preacher one time about what it means to surrender to God. He mentioned the general life ministry of two of God's servants. Now he wasn't criticizing at all; he was just weighing the matter in a general way, and he said, ''I feel that this man is more crucified than this other man. I have never forgotten that word. I couldn't tell you what else the man said to me, but I remember that. ''More crucified.'' This man was dead to self, dead to sin.

One day an outstanding preacher went to a revival meeting. Well, you know what usually is done when such a man is in the audience. The man in the pulpit recognizes him and says some very kind things about him. (A lot of times the words go beyond kindness and border on the extravagant. The Lord ought to be glorified, but how careful we ought to be about those
things. The Lord says we are to give honor to whom honor is due, but certainly man should never be praised for that which belongs to the Lord, and all that we have belongs to Jesus. He is the One Who should get the praise.)

So this man was sitting in the audience, but the preacher on the platform didn't know he was there. When the service was over, the man walked out unnoticed, unrecognized. The preacher heard about it, however, and called this man on the telephone. He said, ''Oh, I am so very so ...

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