by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley

You know, friends, one of the greatest signs of the
terrible hour in which we are living is the BREAKDOWN
IN MARRIAGE, all up and down our land and all over the
world today. A certain lady of outstanding reputation
in the entertainment world is taking on a sixth
husband, just think of it. Well, it is a tragic thing.
But we have gotten so used to it that such things make
very little impact upon our thinking, and unless we
keep our minds steeped in what God says, we will lose
sight of the IDEALS of the marriage life.

Here is a report of a great judge and outstanding
figure in the court of domestic relations. He has had
a long and varied experience in the affairs of broken
homes and wrecked marriages. He has presided for
twenty years over what he calls "the nightmare world,"
the world of the divorce courts. He says that a
divorce is a nightmare. There is many a person today
who has entered into marriage with the idea that it
would be easy to dissolve it anytime, but they find it
to be a nightmare. They cannot escape it. It shows in
the lines of the face. It makes its mark on the brain.
This judge says that 90,000 people who have come to
the parting of the ways through bitter recriminations
stood before him to testify of broken homes, sordid
betrayals and unbelievable rancor which cause
separations. "Out of my fifty years of married life
and twenty years as a divorce jurist," this judge
said, "I have framed a Decalogue (Ten Commandments)
for those who are married or are contemplating it,
which I think would prevent at least twenty per cent
of the marital smash-ups." I want to comment on his
rules for a successful marriage.

1. To bear and forbear. People who come to marriage
believing that everything is just going to be a smooth
way before them, like honeymoon days, are MISTAKEN. It
is not going to be that. There are sorrows as well as
joys. T ...

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