by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 5:1-11

We want to think today about The Pursuit of Happiness!
You know, the wise men who were our forefathers and
framed the Constitution of the United States of
America declared that among the things that every
person should be able to possess and have for himself
is the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of
happiness. The chase after happiness!

Man has always chased after things: money, position,
honor, fame and everything under the sun TRYING TO
FIND HAPPINESS. At the root of it all is the search
for Happiness!

Now it is interesting, from the Word of God, that
happiness does not come from a chase. Happiness is the
direct result of living the Christ-life. There is no
other way to have real happiness,

Happiness is, first of all, the possession of a Life.
It is the possession of RECEIVING CHRIST into our
hearts by faith, through the Holy Spirit of God when
He comes in to give us the New Birth. It is the Life
of God in the soul. Then it is a day-by-day living of
the Life we received from God. That Life is absolutely
contrary to the life most people are trying to live in
their pursuit of happiness, which they never really

You know, the Bible is a wonderful Book, so
tremendously up-to-date! You remember that back there
in the Book of Ecclesiastes, the wise man, Solomon,
was hunting for happiness. He sought for that which
would bring him happiness in this present world. But
he sought it in the wrong direction, and he never did
find it! He was just like men today: he lost out on
the whole business because he was seeking in the wrong
place. Solomon decided to find out what things would
make happiness. He tells how he made himself great
works, built houses, planted gardens, made pools of
water, had men-servants and maid-servants and
possessions more than those of all in Jerusalem before
him. He had silver and gold, the peculiar tr ...

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