by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Kings 5:1

"There were many lepers in Israel in the time of
Elisha the prophet, and none of them was cleansed,
only Naaman the Syrian."

Naaman was a great man in Israel, the chief captain of
the armies of Syria. "He was a great man," we read,
"but he was a leper." He needed cleansing. Leprosy in
God's Word is a picture of sin. You cannot "heal" sin;
it must be "cleansed." It is impossible to heal sin.
Your sins cannot be healed. But the glorious truth is
that they can be CLEANSED by Jesus Christ. Jesus
Christ alone cleansed the leper Naaman, and Jesus
Christ alone can cleanse you and me. There is no other

What is your need? Your greatest need?

The other day I was walking down the street with a
preacher-friend when a man stopped us and asked for
some money to buy some beer. We began to talk with him
about his soul, but he wasn't interested in his soul,
or in God or heaven or salvation or eternal life. All
he was thinking about was the next hour; he wanted
some beer to satisfy his thirst. That's all he wanted.
To him that is what he needed. He didn't realize how
he needed God.

A man with cancer may not be interested in his need of
God, temporarily. But one day he will. He may not
realize his need. But oh, he had better get around to
facing it, as soon as he can.

All men have NEEDS. What is the greatest need among
mankind? All men have three distresses. One thing, if
a person isn't a Christian, is HIS PAST. Sins that he
has committed trouble him. There has got to be some
answer to his past sins. Second, the need for PRESENT
cleansing, an uncondemned heart. In First John we
read, "If our hearts condemn us not, then have we
boldness toward God." Think of the boldness a man has
toward God if his heart condemns him not! A man with
an impure heart toward God does not have that
boldness. So a man needs purity. And third, THE
FUTURE. How c ...

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