by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 22:4

I want to speak to you now on God's Marvelous
Providence. By His providence, we mean His care for
the people of God. My, it's wonderful to know God
cares! So many are sick, so many have loved ones
dying, so many have boys in the service of our country
not knowing what may befall them. We are living in
turbulent days, days of distress. We are living in a.
time when we need to emphasize that GOD'S PROVIDENCE
overshadows all things.

We know what the destiny of the child of God is. We
read in Revelation 22:4 that His servants shall serve
Him, and they shall see His Face. The people of God
have a glorious destiny! God has promised that He will
bring us to see His Face. Nothing shall keep us from
seeing the Face of God, martyrdom, bereavement,
trials, distresses, financial troubles, or anything
else. The child of God goes on hour-by-hour, day-by-
day, and year-by-year, and our DESTINY is that we are
going to see the FACE OF GOD, because we have trusted
Jesus Christ.

I have been getting a rich blessing from the Book of
Job. It has struck me afresh, that today God is
speaking to His people more and more in these dark
days to emphasize to us the fact of His CARE, His
unceasing vigilance over us day and night, the fact
that he will never leave us, that nothing can touch us
except by the permissive will of God, and that our
destiny as God's children is that we shall see His
Face! Whatever the trials may be, nothing can hinder
us from someday seeing the Face of the Lord.

Now let us look at this first chapter of Job. We find
afresh that God is still on the throne, that He is
still Almighty God, that He is still looking after His

We read that there was a man in the land of Uz whose
name was Job. That man was perfect and upright, a man
who feared God and eschewed evil. Let us not think, in
regard to this man Job (who was a very remarka ...

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