by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Joshua 1:3, Acts 3:1-10

The Law of Appropriation is found in the New
Testament. Now we have brought thousands of messages
in the years that we have been on the air, but I do
not feel that there is one more important than the one
we are bringing now. The Law of Appropriation!

The word APPROPRIATION comes from the Greek word
meaning "One's own; to take for one's self; to take
possession of." So, to appropriate means to take
possession of something; and you appropriate something
when you take possession of it. The Law of Taking
Possession of Things God Has Given Us, the great truth
I am speaking on today.

We have this truth in the Old Testament, in one great
sentence: Joshua 1:3. God said to the children of
Israel, "Every place that the sole of your foot shall
tread upon, THAT HAVE I GIVEN UNTO YOU." Now, they
hadn't possessed the Holy Land. They were just coming
into it, out of Egypt. But God had already given it to
them. They were now standing right on the border, and
God is saying, "There is the land. I have already
given it to you. But you must go in and possess it.
You have to appropriate it. Every place you shall
tread upon with the sole of your foot shall be yours.
Go now and possess your possessions! Take it! I have
given it unto you!" And so it is in the things of the
Spirit of God.

We read in the third chapter of the Book of Acts about
a lame man. Peter and John went up to the Temple at
the hour of prayer, being the ninth hour (about three
o'clock in the afternoon). And a certain man, lame
from his birth, was carried and laid daily at the gate
of the Temple which is called Beautiful, and he asked
alms of them that entered into the Temple. It was a
beautiful gate, they tell us. The folds of this bronze
gate were fifty cubits high and forty cubits broad and
covered with plates of gold and silver. No wonder they
called it "The Gate Beautifu ...

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