by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Corinthians 6:2

I want to speak now on The Challenge of the Present
Moment. Not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW---N-O-W.
Right NOW! Procrastination steals away your
opportunity. Let us see what God says in His Word
about NOW, this moment.

The meaning of NOW is a solemn thing. You remember
Hezekiah on his death-bed. He said to the Lord,
"Remember now how I have walked before Thee with a
perfect heart." What a NOW that is! The NOW of a
deathbed, that time when you are on your death-bed,
that time which, compared with all your life is very
small, yet how solemn. Sickness is solemn; the death
of others is solemn; but there is a no more solemn
time TO YOU than that time when you approach, alone,
the Gates of Death. I wonder if we will be able to say
with Hezekiah, "Lord, remember now---in this present
moment while I am dying---remember that all during my
life I have walked before Thee with a perfect heart."
Will you be able to say that, friend, when that time
comes that you go out to meet the Lord. How wonderful
it must have been for Hezekiah to have been able to
say that. How bitter it must be, to come down to that
time, realizing your half-heartedness, or no heart at
all, for God; having had a heart for this world only,
this world of sin.

Then we have the NOW of SIN "Now they sin more and
more," God said in Hosea 13:2. When we sin, God
punishes us, trying to get us to turn. If we keep on
sinning, being bull-headed and persistent, God will
send MORE punishment. Finally God sends strong
punishment, trying to get us to turn from that which
leads us downward to hell. And if we willfully say, "I
am going on in sin anyhow, I am going on to judgment
anyhow, I don't want God in my life," then, God says,"
They sin MORE and MORE! What an awful increase in sin.
The Bible speaks of men weighted down with their sins,
laden with sins, burdened and ...

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