by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 18

I am speaking to you now from Luke 18 on the subject
"You Must Pray or Be Lost." Oh, may God burn it into
our prayerless, careless souls! You say, "Well, I am a
deacon in the church." Yes, I was the pastor of a
church for thirteen years. I know something about
deacons who pray and deacons who do not pray. "I am a
Sunday School teacher. I faithfully prepare the lesson
and stand up and teach it." But it isn't worth much
without prayer, is it? Oh, may God help us to know
that the blessing of heaven is withheld unless we cry
out to God in prayer. Prayerless Sunday school
lessons! Prayerless sermons! The devil is not afraid
of them at all. You know, CHRISTIAN and PRAYER ought
to be synonymous terms. CHRISTIANS PRAYED, we read in
Acts, chapter 9.

Now in Luke 18 Jesus spake a parable unto His own,
with this thought in mind, that men ought always to
pray, never ceasing, not fainting. He warns about the
end of the age. "When the Son of Man cometh, shall He
find THE FAITH (faith that really prays, faith that
gets hold of God and cries to Him day and night) on
the earth?" Verse 7 says, "Shall not God avenge His
own elect?" His own cry unto Him day and night.

A man may reach heaven without learning much. He may
reach heaven without book knowledge. But he will not
reach heaven without HOLY PRAYER! Prayer is the Life
Breath of the Christian! Without PRAYER, you may have
the reputation of being a Christian, you may be
counted as a Christian; but in God's sight you are a
DEAD soul. There is no other way that the oxygen of
heaven can flood the lungs of your spiritual life
except through holy prayer. Friends, you must cry to
God for mercy! Peace, the mark of divine grace, you
cannot have without prayer. We have got to pray to get
relief in the midst of spiritual problems. There is no
other way. Prayer is the only way you can get the
outpouring of the Holy Spirit upon ...

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