by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 6:23

I have a letter I would like to read to you before I
bring you the message, friends. "I have a friend who
has recently been ill, and he is conscious that
drinking has caused his illness. He is seeking the
Lord. I hope you will write him a letter of
encouragement." Well, we certainly will do that. This
letter leads me to say a few words about "seeking the
Lord." We read this passage mainly in Old Testament
passages. But in New Testament teaching, that God is
seeking us. God is seeking US. It is the Shepherd
seeking for the lost sheep. To be sure, the sheep must
be willing to be found by the shepherd, but that is
just one angle of the truth. We are not sheep. The
wonderful thing is that today God is not asking this
man to "seek", but to "receive" His Gift. God wants to
GIVE him marvelous gifts.

So today I want to speak to you on "The Gifts of God."
It is an amazing thing in God's Word to study the
GIFTS of God. It is an amazing thing in God's Word to
study the GIFTS of God. I would that I had the tongue
of angels to express this wonderful Holy Spirit will
make it clear to us, and that our eyes might be opened
to the truth of God.

The world has its gifts. You remember, from the Book
of Daniel, (chapter 2, verse 48) when Daniel made
known to the king what the meaning of the dream was,
the king gave Daniel many fine gifts. But Daniel said,
"Let thy gifts be unto thyself." Daniel did not
receive the gifts of this present world for the
spiritual truth that he gave the king. Gifts are often
used by men to gain the favor of others.

Then again we read that Abraham gave gifts to his
sons. All fathers and mothers do that. That is a good
thought about the giving of gifts. Jesus said, "If ye
know how to give good gifts unto your children, how
much more shall your heavenly Father give good things
to them that ask Him."

Then we read about people giving ...

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