by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Genesis 1:1

We found out that when true scientists admit they do
not know a thing to be positively true, they say, "We
believe," and speak roughly of time, and so forth.
That is a truly scientific attitude because science
deals with proven facts. A thing is not scientific if
it isn't absolute fact, and if it isn't fact, then
they must present it as theory. So let's remember that
in reading current so called scientific articles.

Now we take up the next word in Genesis 1:1 as we
study the story of creation in this great first
chapter of Genesis. We read, "In the beginning God."
Isn't that wonderful? What a wonderful assurance, as
we turn from reading philosophers and other so-called
scientific men, unbelieving scientists who leave God
out of creation! How wonderful it is to turn to the
Bible and read God's Holy Word, that in the beginning
GOD CREATED the heavens and the earth.

Now the word "God" here (and He is the One with Whom
we have to do. We ought to study about God) the word
for God is the Hebrew word Elohim. "In the beginning
Elohim created." Elohim created!

This word Elohim is the plural of a word that
signifies "violent inward anxiety, discomposure, and
fear." It coincides with a word that means, "dread" in
Genesis 42 and 43. Now that's an important passage as
we study the etymology of the word Elohim, how we got
it. In Genesis 31, we read, concerning Isaac, of a
name for God that isn't commonly thought about, Verse
42. This is a wonderful statement about God. "Except
the God of my father, the God of Abraham and THE FEAR
OF ISAAC had been with me, surely now hadst thou sent
me away empty. God hath seen mine affliction and the
labor of my hands and rebuked thee yesternight."

There we have Jacob speaking to Laban. Jacob had been
working for Laban, you remember, and Laban tried to
trick him out of that which was rightfully his, and
now Jacob says, ...

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