by Jesse Hendley

Christian Fellowship
Jesse M. Hendley
Philippians 2:2-3,3:15, 4:2

There are four chapters in the Book of Philippians. You know, it is rather difficult to outline this book. Someone has well said,''You don't outline a love-letter; you just read it and enjoy it.'' And so it is with Philippians. Yet there are certain great truths here, consistent in the thinking of the writer Paul, and he brings out one theme: it is the word ''mind.''

You know, God is wonderful in the Bible. Some Christians do so little studying in the Bible! One time in a certain church I preached on The Second Coming of Christ. It was a plain, Biblical message, passage after passage of the Word of God. A middle- aged lady came to me afterward and said, ''My father was a preacher. I heard him preach for many years, and I never heard him say anything like that.'' I realized then, as a young preacher, that a man could preach and preach and preach, and yet never deal with the real teachings and great truths of the Bible! I have found that all over the country people are HUNGRY, for the Word of God. They WANT God's Word. And as much as we need evangelism, yet we need much accurate TEACHING of the Word of God today.

How happy is the minister who is TEACHING his people the Word of God. A pastor-friend of mine has about 250 people in his mid-week service, studying the Word of God. He calls it the Crusaders' Hour, and in his bulletin, he puts down some particular question about the Word of God, and goes into it just a little bit on one page of the bulletin, then at the bottom says, ''Come to the Crusaders' Hour with your Bible, notebook, and pencil, and find out the answer to this particular question.'' And God is blessing. The Bible still draws the minds of thinking people!

Now Philippians was written with this thought uppermost: that all Christians should be of the same mind, in the Gospel. The word ''mind'' runs all through this wonderful letter. And a wonderful letter it is!

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