by Jesse Hendley

Thinking Like Jesus
Jesse M. Hendley
Philippians 2:5

Friends, will you turn with me now to Philippians, the
second chapter, as we study The Mind of Christ. This
is a wonderful, wonderful epistle! Remember that Paul
says we are to HAVE the mind of Christ. "Let this mind
be in you which was also in Christ Jesus:" And all
through this epistle he reminds us that Christians
ought to think as Christ thinks. It is very important
how we think. If we think evil, then our actions will
be evil. If we think good, then our actions will be
good. "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he."
Psychologists say that whatever gets your mind gets
you. That is right according to the Word of God.

Let us see how Jesus thought and the activity that
resulted from His thinking. Then we will find the
glorious result.

First, let us look at His attitude, or His thought.
Verse 6, "He did not count His being on equality with
God something to be eagerly grasped or retained."
Jesus humbled Himself. Jesus' love for the lost
brought Him down to earth and even to the death on the
Cross. He went to the Cross in order that we might be
saved. Let us not forget that. Jesus was God! He was
above the angels. He was above men. Men are above the
animal kingdom. The animal kingdom is above the
kingdom of insects. And they are above the vegetable
kingdom. They are above the mineral kingdom. Jesus was
the highest of the high. Yet He was willing to humble
Himself. He became obedient unto death, even the death
of the Cross. His thoughts, we find, were always of
OTHERS. He humbled Himself to become a man in order
that He might lift man back to God and save man
eternally. So Jesus' thoughts were always thoughts of
humility, thoughts of love, thoughts of others. He
came not to be served, but to serve, and to give His
life a ransom. Those were the thoughts in the Mind of
Jesus. And WE are to be like Jesus. We are to have the
same thoughts i ...

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