by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 13:22

We want to study now GOD'S CURE FOR CARE, or WHY
WORRY? That is a strange thing to say, and yet it
isn't so strange, when so many people today are having
nervous breakdowns and are in conditions of misery and
wretchedness all because of CARE.

Shakespeare wrote a very interesting line in his play,
"Romeo and Juliet." "Where care lodges, sleep will
never lie." What was Shakespeare, with that marvelous
word-ability of his, trying to put over to us? The
fact that when we are anxious about something and
worried, we cannot sleep. Care and sleep do not go
together. Care and sleep cannot live under the same
roof. When you are worried, you cannot sleep. If you
can sleep, it is because, at least for the time, care
has been put aside. And so, "Where care lodges, sleep
will never lie."

We know that sleep is a necessary thing in our lives.
So many people are worried and anxious and tense, so
much so that they cannot sleep at night. I know what I
am talking about, because I am one of those persons
who would have difficulty sleeping if I didn't have
the victory over care. One time I said to a doctor,
"Doctor, why is it I can't shut off my mind? It just
goes around and around when I try to sleep at night."
That was some years ago. I was trying to take the
burden of an entire world on my shoulders, and I found
out I couldn't do it, that I couldn't be God. I
remember one time when I was anxious about some things
I could not change at all. The Lord just said to me
very gently, as though He spoke to me, "Son, you just
let Me be God. You're too little. You can't carry the
burdens of the world on your little shoulders."

So I have learned to let God be God and just do what I
can. What I am able to do, I want to do. One of the
most wonderful things ever spoken was said by Jesus
about a certain woman. He said, "She hath done what
she could." I think you'll find ...

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