by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Genesis 49:24

It is wonderful to meditate on the fact that our times
are in the Hands of God.

We read of Joseph that his hands were made strong by
the mighty Hands of the God of Jacob. It is wonderful
to know God's Hands are attending to us. "Hands" means
His power, His authority, His Sovereignty.

We have something similar to that in the Book of
Deuteronomy. "The Eternal God is thy refuge, and
underneath are the Everlasting Arms." The Arms of God.
The Hands of God. His power and support through all
the vicissitudes of life. "My times," David said, "are
in Thy Hands."

Now what did he mean by that? I think he meant, "My
life is in God's Hands." My LIFE. Well, that's a
wonderful thing. We didn't ask to be born. Birth isn't
an accident, either. Birth is a gift of God. Life is a
gift of God. There is no birth without the creative
act of God. David speaks in a great Psalm and says
that in the embryonic state, God fashioned him in his
mother's womb. He cries out and says, "Thou art my God
from my mother's womb." He knew that the life-germ,
the life-spark, was the gift of God himself. So, life
in its very inception, in its very beginning, is in
the Hands of God. The little babe, for that long
period of time before birth, is taken care of by God.
The little lives that come into this world would not
survive without the care of the Living God. LIFE
itself is in God's Hands.

But David was not only referring to the fact of his
conception and birth, his early life and youth and his
entire life. He was thinking about life with all of
its changes. All the changes of life are in God's
Hands. When I am up, God permits me to be up. When I
am down, God permits me to be down. Sickness, health,
poverty, wealth, joys, sorrows---whatever comes our
way---all the changes of life are in the Hands of God.

Now David recognized this fact and rejoiced in it. He
said, "Lo ...

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