by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Zechariah 10:1

There seems to be from the Word of God a prediction of
great revival, before the final wind-up. There will be
a great revival in the church of the Lord Jesus
Christ. In Zechariah 10:1, God tells us something we
are to pray for. "Ask ye of the Lord RAIN, in the time
of the latter rain. So the Lord shall make bright
clouds, and give them showers of rain, to every one
grass in the field." God says to ask for rain in the
time of the latter rain. Oh, how we need it today! We
are to ask for showers of blessing to come down upon
us. God is not speaking of literal rain; He is
speaking of revival. He is talking about the showers
of blessing we read about in the prophecy of Ezekiel,
the time when the SPIRIT OF GOD sweeps over the land
and souls come to the LORD, and the Lord's Presence
becomes so very real, and people are convicted of sin,
and fall on their faces, and give up their sins and
walk with the Lord. The fear of the Lord comes back
into the hearts of the people; Bible reading becomes
popular; people turn away from the things of sin and
come back to God and prayer; family altars are again
set up; prayer-rooms are again in use, as the sacred
place of holy prayer, with the shut door, a place to
call upon God!

Thousands and thousands of people today who profess to
be Christians never pray, never testify for the Lord
Jesus Christ, never try to win souls to Him, never
give any money to help carry on the work of the Lord.
Yes, thousands of Christians are not right with God.
Oh, how we need revival today! We need a sweeping over
our land by the Lord. But there is a time coming when
men shall WANT to come to God, they will be SEEKING
God. It won't require pleading with them to accept
Christ and walk with God.

We need a revival today. We all know it. And God wants
to give it. He will, if we come to Him in holy prayer.
How many soul ...

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