by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Timothy 3:1-7

We have today a divinely drawn picture of the end of
the age; a picture of men's hearts, and it certainly
does not depict a "converted" world, before the return
of Jesus, but rather a world that is sunk in sin.

In Second Timothy 3 Paul writes to Timothy, saying
"This know also that in that last days (those days
refer to the days preceding Christ's return) perilous
times shall come."

"Perilous," there, means hard, difficult times. Aren't
we living in difficult times, getting harder all
along? World War One. The Depression. World War Two.
Now hard times all over the whole world, every where
you turn, the great masses of humanity without
adequate food, burdened by taxes, preparing for war---
that's the picture of the world today. PERILOUS times.

Then Paul breaks it down to the individual heart, and
he says, "For men shall be lovers of their own
selves." Self-lovers, literally. Not love for others,
but for self-predominating. You remember the motto,
"God first, others second, self last." That's the way
it ought to be. Not SELF-lovers.

Then we have "silver-lovers," money lovers. I was
talking with a worldly man the other day in a certain
city. He was a businessman. He was the one who brought
up the matter of the terrible times we are living in.
Even worldly men say it now. We used to preach that
such times were coming, and men would laugh at us and
look for a "better" world, a "converted" world, and
all that sort of thing. But they are changing their
minds now and even worldly men are asking, "What's
wrong? What is the trouble?" And this man said to me,
"MAKING MONEY is all people are interested in!" The
chief passion of their lives is the love OF MONEY.
Well, Paul told us that. He saw it, looking down the
corridor of time, filled with the Spirit of God,
picturing the end-time as God gave it to him. Men, he
said, would be lovers o ...

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