by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 20:12

Someday YOU are going to need the Lord Jesus Christ as
your personal Saviour. In a railroad accident, a man
preserved by the mercy of God helped to the best of
his ability the wounded and dying. He went to where
the engine driver was pinned down beneath the wreck of
his engine. He saw the man's lips moving and he bent
down to listen. He was saying, "I know Whom I have
believed and am persuaded that He is able to keep that
which I have committed unto Him against that Day." The
unhurt man, a man of great wealth, cried out, "I would
give my life and all that I possess to have a faith
like yours." "Ah, sir," was the feeble response of the
dying believer, "it costs just that."

It is worth it? Yes. It costs everything you have, but
there is coming a day of judgment, and we read in
Revelation 20:12, "The books were opened." What a time
it is going to be when the books shall be opened, my
friends, according to the Word of God! How terrible
the judgment is going to be! GOD is going to open up
the record of your life. Sinner friend, you who have
rejected Christ and paid no attention to Him, what a
time it's going to be for you!

I want you to reason with me now for a few moments as
we think about this expression, "When God opens the
books." God will open your record, for all to see.

Recently on a television broadcast, the Kefauver Crime
Investigation Committee, authorized by the Senate of
the United States Government, to probe into deep and
world-wide crime as it is being practiced here in
America, had on the stand a criminal by the name of
Lou Farrell. All his crimes were brought out before
the eyes of all. The prosecuting attorney had the
records of where this man had been in jail, had the
records of his crimes, records of his businesses that
were illegal and corrupt. There were photostatic
copies and other evidences he could not deny. T ...

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