by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Revelation 3:10

Today we are beginning with Revelation 3:10.
Remember that here in Revelation 2 and 3 JESUS is
talking. These are the last recorded words of the Son
of God and the true Christian who love the Lord will
pore over the last words of the One he loves with all
his being. So we have here in verse 10, "Because you
have kept the word of my patience, also I shall keep
thee out of the hour of testing which is about to come
upon the whole inhabited earth, to test those dwelling
upon the earth. I come quickly. Hold fast what you
have in order that no one may take thy crown."
Notice, "Because you kept . . . I shall keep." Isn't
that wonderful? And that is fair enough. You know, we
emphasize grace and we cannot emphasize it too much.
But we can neglect to emphasize our responsibility!
Here is the part where the Lord keeps us.

In one of our great Bible Conferences in which we had
twelve outstanding Bible teachers from over America,
one of them was a man who emphasized grace very much.
He was a man who knew the Word of God. When he started
to go, my wife said, "Be sure to take care of
yourself." He whispered back, "I'm being kept!" Well,
it's wonderful. We read in one of the Epistles of
Peter that we are "kept by the power of God." God's
"keeping power" is round about us.

But friends, there is something for US to keep. It is
written here. "Because you kept the word of my
patience . . ." Now the Greek Word for patience is a
combination of two Greek words meaning "under" and
"remain." The literal translation of that word reminds
me of my youth, in the days when we went swimming a
lot; we would grab our noses and see who could stay
under the longest. "Remain under," in that time of
danger, of crisis. Well, that is exactly what we have
here. "Because you have kept the word of my endurance
(that's the one word that perhaps best translates the ...

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