by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 21:36, Revelation 2:10

There is coming upon the world a time of great trouble
when God is going to turn the world over into the
hands of the devil and the antichrist for three and a
half years of hell on earth. It will be a time of
terrible destruction, anarchy everywhere, peace taken
away from the earth, an awful judgment of God poured
out upon a world that has forgotten Him and His
Christ. We are headed for it right now.

There are certain people who are not going to be on
earth when that time comes, and there are certain
people who are. God's Word says plainly that many
shall escape.

Now some scholars believe that all genuine Christians
shall escape the Great Tribulation Period. They say it
doesn't make any difference how a Christian has lived,
whether or not he is a backslider or has secret sin in
his life, he will escape. He may have lived very
carelessly, or have been unfaithful to the Lord, may
have neglected prayer and Bible study, yet all born
again Christians shall be included in the Rapture---
when the Lord takes up His church, just before the
Tribulation Period breaks upon the earth, given over
by God to the devil.

There is another group of scholars who believe that
all Christians living at that time shall go right on
through the Tribulation Period. Some of the greatest
saints in history believed this. George Muller was one
who believed this. He was one of the holiest men the
church ever had. Hudson Taylor, the founder of the
China Inland Mission, was another who believed this
and said in his writings that the whole church shall
be called on to go through the Tribulation Period.

There is another group of Bible men who believe that
BOTH truths are found in the Word of God, that is,
that there will be some Christians who will escape,
and some who will not. This group believes that only
SOME Christians will escape, tho ...

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