by Jesse Hendley

Hezekiah: A Great Man
Jesse M. Hendley
2 Kings Chapter 18, 2 Kings 19:14

We are going to take up today the study of a marvelous man, one of the greatest men in God's blessed history. You know, we have what we call profane history, and then spiritual history. It is wonderful to come to the Bible and see the history God has written down.

What a wonderful man was Hezekiah! The other day in my devotionals I was reading the passage in Second Kings 18 and received such a blessing that I want to pass on something of that blessing. Hezekiah was the king of Judah. He was just a young man only twenty-five years of age when he began to reign. He reigned twenty-nine years in Jerusalem.

Now the amazing thing about him is that GOD ALMIGHTY SAID he was one of the GREATEST MEN of all time. We read why. ''Hezekiah did that which was right in the sight of the Lord.'' As we read along, one of the wonderful things about the Bible is that it reveals sin and error and everything else in men's lives, as well as the good. That is why we know it is God's book. A good man would not write about his faults, nor would a bad man write about his faults. In the biographies of earth, men leave out the bad, usually (unless it is what is termed a confession, which is only usually self-manifestation and display, anyhow).

But we read that Hezekiah did that which was right in the sight of the Lord. Oh, every day that ought to be the desire of our souls. To do that which is right! We are living in a time when that word is not being used! Today few people think about whether a thing is right, or whether it is wrong. Right and wrong are not at the two opposite poles any more. They have been fused together'' until now they are neither black nor white, but have come together and make a dull gray. Things are not DISTINCTLY right or wrong any more. But Hezekiah did that which was RIGHT in the sight of the Lord. He was right in his heart and he was right in his actions. He was right before God a ...

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