by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Corinthians 5:8

A friend of the broadcast wrote to us after the death
of her husband, saying, "He was a sincere and honest
Christian. He loved the Lord Jesus Christ." What a
wonderful thing! Then she went on to say, "There is
one thing that is not very clear to me. When a
Christian passes on, does he go right on to be with
God, or does he await the final judgment?" She adds,
"I am praying for your work, as my husband often did."

"When a Christian passes on, does he go right on to be
with God, or does he await the final judgment?" The
answer is, he goes immediately to be with the Lord.
We have a plain statement given in Second Corinthians
5:8. "To be absent from the body is to be present with
the Lord." When that husband breathed his last breath,
he became absent from the body. He left the body. That
is the difference between life and death. The one you
loved isn't there. The body is there, but HE isn't
there. The personality is gone; the house is empty
now---there is no body occupying it. The soul isn't
there. The soul is PRESENT WITH THE LORD. Now that
means instantaneously. There is no interval between.
The soul is immediately in the Presence of Christ. How
fast? How quickly?

Well, when He comes again, it will be "in the
twinkling of an eye. The Greek there is "atom." "Atom"
comes from two Greek words meaning an indivisible part
of time; a part of time that cannot be cut up, it is
so small. As quickly as you can bat an eye! An
indivisible moment of time! When Jesus descends from
heaven with a shout, SUDDENLY we will be caught up to
meet Him. It will not be a long, tedious return. Just
as soon as that trump blasts, we will BE WITH THE
LORD, in His Blessed Presence! We will look into the
Face of the Saviour. If He should come this very
moment, we would be INSTANTLY with the Lord.

Now the same is true of the soul at death.
Absent---is---present! Away fro ...

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