by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Samuel 18:12

I want to speak on a verse found in First Samuel. It
is verse 12 of the 18th chapter. "And Saul was afraid
of David, for the Lord was with him, and was departed
from Saul." Here we see the fear of the miraculous, or
the divine; fear of the spiritual. Here is a king,
afraid of a young man playing on a harp! Saul was
afraid of this young musician. Isn't it strange that a
king would be afraid of a young man who was his
servant? There was something about David that Saul
could not comprehend. It wasn't that Saul was
physically afraid of David, afraid of an encounter
with him. Nor was it a social fear of taking away
one's friends. Saul wasn't even afraid of David taking
away his kingdom, a political fear. What kind of fear
had swept over the heart of King Saul?

"Saul was afraid of David." Why? There was a look on
the young man's face that frightened the king. There
was a wisdom about him. There was a dignity in his
life that even the king did not have. David's face
haunted him! David's life reproved him in his vices
and sins! Saul's spirit quailed, Saul was terrified.
You may not be conscious of it, but sin makes cowards
of us all. Saul would think of David, his purity, his
good life, his godly life, and the thought of it would
reprove Saul. Saul knew David was a SPIRITUAL MAN,
that GOD WAS WITH HIM. That's why Saul was afraid.

Now David cultivated communion with God, and anyone
who has read the Psalms very carefully has found that
David had a marvelous prayer-life. David said, "At
evening, at morning and at noon, shalt thou hear my
voice, and I will cry unto Thee." David prayed in the
morning. David took time at noon. He talked with God
in the evening, at the close of the day. Oh, David's
life reproves the prayerless lives of people today!
David was a man of holy prayer. He had a deep
communion with God. And any man who lives in t ...

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