by Jesse Hendley

God's Plan for a Warless World
Jesse M. Hendley
Ezra 9:7

Today I want to raise the question, "Why will there be
war till Christ returns? And why is the U. N. a

God has the answer in the Bible. God gives to us His
plan for a warless world. I want to present to you
Ezra 9, verse 7, where we read these words: "For our
iniquities have we been delivered to the sword, to
captivity, to spoil, and to confusion of face as it is
this day." There is the tremendous statement of Ezra,
the priest in Israel, and a confession of their sins.
And it is just as true today of America as it was of
Israel back in those days. For OUR iniquities have WE
been delivered to the sword, to captivity, to the
spoil and to confusion of face as it is this day. That
is the reason the U. N. is doomed to failure. As long
as unregenerate men are trying to govern the world, we
cannot have peace. It is impossible. We will not have
peace till the world and its rulers are converted to
Christ; or, until there comes one who can impose His
own will as a benevolent dictator. That is the plan of
God for the Lord Jesus Christ when He returns. He is
the only hope for a warless world.

Let me call your attention to the fact that America is
in an hour of deepest trial and agony. We ARE
delivered to the sword.

During the Civil War days, Abraham Lincoln said at
Gettysburg, "We here highly resolve that these dead
shall not have died in vain." Yet, since then, we have
had World War One with all of its bloodshed. Then
World War Number Two. And now we are in the midst,
many believe, of World War Number Three. Certainly we
are in a world war, whether we call it Number Three or
not. Our boys are dying, and 60,000 casualties is not
a light thing! It isn't just a street brawl; our boys
are dying out there by the thousands.

Thirty years ago America buried her Unknown Soldier.
An eye-witness writes of that tremendous moment, "All
day l ...

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