by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
John 15:16

I want to speak to you now on a word that has given
some people trouble as they have tried to understand
it. Maybe you have some strong opinions about it. But
let us consider together carefully today. It is a
Bible truth, and we want to know what God's Word
teaches. I believe it will be a blessing to our hearts
as we study it. The word I refer to is PREDESTINATION.

You may be saying, "Well, I don't believe in
Predestination." I believe I can prove to you that you
do! Predestination is a Bible truth. Not only is it a
truth in the Word of God, but it is true in life
today. Take, for instance this question: Why are you
in this world? Did you choose to come into this world?
Did anybody consult you about coming into this world?
No. You just arrived, that's all. You arrived when you
didn't know anything about it. There were years that
you didn't know about your being. Who was it that
planned for your entrance into this world? It was God.
That is predestination.

Predestination is that plan of God that operates in
your life. You simply cooperate with it. People who do
not cooperate with it get hurt. The thing to do is
COOPERATE WITH GOD in His Plan for your life. When you
were born, you didn't tell God which nationality you
preferred, American, German, French, and so on. God
chose that for you. That is predestination. You didn't
determine whether your face would be white, brown,
yellow, or red. That was God's choice. You didn't ask
whether you would be born into a home of poverty or a
home of great wealth. Why was the young woman who is
now Queen Elizabeth of England born a princess? Why
was the girl out there on the street, born into a
humble family? Did she have anything to do with where
she was born? No, that was God's plan. God's will runs
throughout life. One child is born into a home that is
ungodly while another child is born into a home of
godly ...

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