by Jesse Hendley

Creation: In the Beginning, God
Jesse M. Hendley
Job 38:4

There is nothing the human mind can think about that is more marvelous than the idea of creation, the creation of the world. The other day returning from the west I was reading a popular magazine that I found on the train that had to do with human ideas of the creation of the earth and the destruction of the world, a magazine that goes into millions of homes all over the country, and all over the world. Yet there was so much error mixed in with the truth that we need to know what the Word of God says about creation. Let me say right here that there is nothing more thrilling, more glorious, more comforting to the human mind than the study of creation in the light of the truth of God's Holy Word. The true Christian should judge man's ideas and writings by the Word of God, unlike the men of the world who judge the Word of God by man's ideas. So today we are taking up Genesis 1:1 and we are going to study what the first chapter of Genesis has to say about creation.

The great fact of creation is found in Genesis 1:1, in some of the most exalted and glorious words ever read by man. We read, ''In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.'' In the Hebrew it is given in SEVEN WORDS. It is interesting to study the numerical structure of Scripture. The number SEVEN, in the Bible, carries with it the idea of completeness, absolute completeness. That idea of completeness is found in this first sentence of the Bible. All we need to know of how all things came into being is given in the Hebrew, ''Bereshith para elohim eth hashamayim weeth haaretz,'' seven words. ''In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.'' We are going to examine that amazing statement word by word and see the mighty God exercising His almighty power in creating, out of nothing, all things, and it will bring us closer to Him with a greater awe for our God and a greater love for Him and a greater confidence in His care for ...

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