by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Luke 7:36-50

(read passage) And she entered into peace, a notorious

Notice the text we have here, Luke 7: 37. "A woman in
the city which was a sinner." Here is a story of
actual life. It is a divine story. It is the story of
a sinner woman who was forgiven of her sins by the
Great Christ of God. It is a deeply moving story---it
moves our hearts, as we see one whose life has been
blackened, and mind and body defiled, cleansed by the
wonderful Saviour! If you have any heart at all, you
can scarcely read it without tears. It is a human
story. We see sin round about us today, many, many
people in the same condition. "A woman-which was a

This is the story of a woman in far off Capernaum,
nearly two thousand years ago. But though time moves
on, the human race never changes. The human heart is
still sinful and wicked, and the Saviour is still the
same in His ability to save. This woman WAS a sinner,
but she met the Christ of God! Standing between this
woman and a society that condemned her and judged her
for her sins (for all knew she was a sinner) is the
Figure of the CHRIST, Who condemns the sin, but loves
and saves the sinner.

Notice first of all the past life of this woman. She
was a person of notoriously bad character. The awful
word prostitute was the term used by men to describe
the evil that she practiced. The Greek word amartolos
is used in different instances referring to this
ancient sin. When someone was called amartolos it
meant a person of bad character, of immoral character.
Men have called it the oldest profession in the world.
The past life of this woman was one of awful,
shameful, evil, lustful, outrageous conduct. TODAY
THIS IS BEING GLORIFIED. The older words, of truth
about this sin, the fact that it is shameful and
awful, are no longer used. TODAY this evil sin is
being practiced under their words, nice sound ...

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