by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 13:5

Friends, isn't it great to know we can keep our eyes
on the Glory World?

We are living in days of sorrow. Everywhere we go
people are burdened. I was walking down the street the
other day with a pastor-friend. He said to me, "You
know, I've carried so many burdens of friends,
sometimes I think I just can't take any more." I said,
"Yes I know what you are talking about. It is
difficult. You bear the heartaches and sorrows of
people so much sometimes that you wonder how even GOD
Himself can stand it." So many people need the help of
the Gospel! They need to keep their eyes on the Glory.
That is the way to have victory. They should look
forward to the glorious time when they will be with
the Lord Jesus Christ over there in the City of God.

I have a letter in my hand, from a friend who writes,
"Please pray for me. Life isn't very easy for me just
now, but I trust the Lord to help me." Life ISN'T
easy, friends. We must keep our eyes on the Glory
World. Sometimes we have problems and sorrows and it
is difficult to find the way out. But we can always go
to the Lord, and He eases the burden of it. He said,
"Come unto Me, all ye that are heavy-laden and I will
give you rest."

He didn't promise to take your problem away, but He
said, "I will give you rest." He gives strength to
carry that burden. There are some burdens we need not
carry; but there are others that we must carry all
through life. There is a great passage in God's Word
that says, "Let every man bear his own burden." That
means there is a burden in life for every person.
Childhood doesn't realize it with its innocence, fun,
no care, no worries, no problems, someone else taking
responsibilities. But that is childhood. But Manhood
has difficulties and problems every step of the way.

There is one way we can get help in all our problems.
First, we should bring them all to the Lord Je ...

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