by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Hebrews 8

We are studying today a wonderful statement from God's
Word from Hebrews, chapter 8, as we think about two
great covenants.

When I was studying in the Seminary, I remember what a
thrill I had when I first learned the word he kaine,
or "the new covenant." The New Testament is the new
covenant. Duo, "two" and theke "to put a place between
two, or to set between two." A covenant, then, is an
arrangement between two, to bring them together; two
who are "on the outs" with each other. It is very
interesting that in this Book of Hebrews, Jesus is the
Mediator, and "mediator" is meshes. It comes from
mesos, "middle," or "one in the midst." So Jesus is
the One-in-the-middle, the One Who brings God and man
together. Isn't it wonderful to realize that? God is
on one side, and we are on the other side, and JESUS
is in the middle, the Mediator Who brings us together.
So the arrangement has been made, and we are in the

The Covenant That God Has Made is the subject of
Hebrews, the eighth chapter. God is going to make a
covenant we have today, with the Lord.

Verse 6: "Now hath He (Christ) obtained a more
excellent ministry by how much also He is the Mediator
(the Middle-man) of a better arrangement between God
and man, which was established upon better promises."
Here we read of a "better" covenant. There are two
covenants. It is important that we see that there are
two main covenants, the first and the second. But
let's go on: "For if that first covenant had been
faultless, then should no place have been sought for
the second." So God has a second covenant with man.
The first covenant, of course, was the covenant God
gave at Sinai to Israel: The Law, or The Commandments.
He gave it to the Jews. Primarily, this reference in
Hebrews 8 is to the Jews, for it is a quotation from
Jeremiah 31, where God, speaking to the Jews, says
that there is a tim ...

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