by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Psalm 77:2

In Psalm 77 we read these words, "My soul refused to
be comforted."

I have a letter here that I want to read to you. "Dear
Brother Hendley, I enjoy your program so much. I love
the Lord with all my heart. I have learned how to
trust HIM through this broadcast." My, I am grateful
beyond words when friends find HIM through this work
"You see, I haven't always loved the Lord. Before I
married. I fell into sin. I didn't realize then what
it meant, but I do now. I wasn't so bad. I was raised
in a Christian home and always wanted to be the kind
of girl I should be." Then she goes on to say that she
revealed a particular sin in her life to her husband,
which was definitely a mistake. Let me say right now,
friends, God does not say we are to confess our sins
to man, even to our dearest loved ones, but to
HIMSELF. The result in this case is that it has left a
wound. Her husband loves her, but it has left a wound
in his heart and he thinks about it all the time. She
says, "Sometimes my little child, seeing me crying,
asks, "Mother, why do you cry so much?" She says that
every morning she and the child kneel in prayer
during Prayer-time on the broadcast. I wish I could
see that couple and talk with them. I believe I could
help them. But not being able to do that, I want to
turn to God's word now and call attention to this
passage. "My soul refused to be comforted."

I want to speak now on the SIN OF REFUSING GOD'S
COMFORT. The Psalmist said he cried unto God with his
voice, and the Lord, gave ear unto him. In the day of
trouble, he sought the Lord. His sore ran in the night
and ceased not. His soul refused to be comforted!

When people suffer bereavement or other loss, they
sometimes become bitter. They reject every thought and
gesture of consolation. It is right to mourn for a
time. Jesus wept, we read. But we are taught, as
Christians, t ...

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