by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I John 1:9

I want to speak to you now on "What About Christians'
Sins After Conversion?" People have asked me that
question many times, and I do not evade questions that
come in. The Word of God has a clear-cut answer to
this subject.

This matter was brought to my attention in a
particular way not long ago in a meeting when a man
came down the aisle among others coming to take
Christ, and I noticed that tears were literally
dripping off that man's cheeks. He was deeply
disturbed. When the invitation was over they went back
into the prayer room, and I went back to deal with
them, and when I was dealing with those who were lost,
those who had never accepted Christ, I turned to him.
But he said, "I am a Christian, Preacher---at least, I
suppose I am." Well, I knew he was confused, so I
asked him to wait a few moments until after I had
dealt with the others and showed them how to be saved,
prayed with them, and had the joy of leading them to
Christ. Then I turned to him.

He told me his story. He said, "Once I lived the
Christian life. I was an earnest Christian. But then,
I fell into sin. I am miserable! I must be lost. I am
the most miserable man you ever saw."

(I am telling you this because there may be others---
perhaps some of you---who are in the same condition,
tormented and miserable.)

I said, "Fellow, there are one or two mistakes that
you are making, and that multitudes are making, today.
The first is that people think the Christian life is a
life of SINLESSNESS. They think that when they accept
Christ and become a Christian, they will lead a
sinless, perfect life. But the new life is not
perfect, and when you find that out you become upset
and worried and think that perhaps you are lost."
So many people have the idea that when a person is
born again, he will never have any more temptations,
that there will never again be any sin in the li ...

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