by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Jeremiah 31:3

What is the Gospel? You hear a lot about it, but what
is the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Do you remember that text that says, "Repent and
believe the GOSPEL" What is the Gospel to believe?
Many people do not know what REPENTANCE is. Many
people do not know what the GOSPEL is. Many people
change their beliefs like the chameleon changes its
colors. They believe one thing today and something
else tomorrow. Some people shift from one faith to
another. But the Gospel is always the same. You know,
a tree that is constantly transplanted will not grow
and bear fruit. Young Christians ought to grow in the
great fundamental doctrines of our Lord in His Holy

Now one thing that many people believe is that
salvation lasts only for a short time. I don't want
any such Gospel as that. How could you have joy in a
"salvation" that takes you only part of the way to
heaven, and then departs and leaves you cold and LOST?
God says that He saves with an EVERLASTING salvation!
To those who trust Him He gives everlasting life,
everlasting hope, on an everlasting foundation. He
loves us with an everlasting love. He will bring us to
an everlasting kingdom. To believe this brings joy and
praise. We are awed and subdued, at such an
unspeakable gift---the eternal salvation of our souls.

Salvation comes through sovereign grace, and sovereign
grace alone. It's the only news that can be called
Good News. Have you ever seen people walking down the
street, and you knew they were bad characters, leading
awful lives, and have you ever thanked God that He has
kept you from such lives---drunkenness, adultery,
dishonesty, profanity, obscenity? If your life is not
like that, it is because of God's grace to you! HE is
to be thanked! "By the grace of God I am what I am,"
said the Apostle Paul. And so must every one of us say
that nothing but the GRACE OF GOD has brought u ...

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