by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
II Kings 4:26

If you have your Bible there, turn with me, please, to
Second Kings, chapter 4, and verse 26. Men and women so
often fall short of proper concern for the lives and souls
of themselves and their families. Yes, fathers and mothers
can be interested in other things but not in the souls of
their own family.

Now in our text we read these words: "Is it well with thee?
Is it well with thy husband? Is it well with thy child?"
That is a vital question, and I am putting it TO YOU today-
--mother, as you sit there; wife, as you sit there.

Is it well WITH THEE?

Is it well with your HUSBAND? His soul, the husband you
love. You take care of his body very carefully. You prepare
those good meals for him. You are solicitous about his
physical needs. But what about his soul?

Is it well with thy child? That precious boy or girl---is
it well with them physically? "Yes." Is it well with them
mentally? "Well, they go to school and we try to give them
the best education possible." But is it well with them
spiritually? Are they ready to meet God if they should go

Fifty-three miles north of Jerusalem once stood the famous
and ancient city of Shunem. It was situated in a beautiful,
fertile, picturesque spot, surrounded by olive orchards and
fields of waving grain, with bubbling springs and brooks,
and shady groves. It was an ideal place for an ideal home.

In this city there was an ideal home. It was presided over
by a famous woman of that day. Elisha, the great prophet of
God there in Israel, used to pass by this house on his
journeys to Mount Carmel and back again to the School of
Prophets in Jericho, of which he was the head. There was
something in Elisha's actions and conduct that led this
woman to conclude that he was a real servant of God. She
had been watching him as he passed by from time to time.

One day she said to her husband, "I perceive th ...

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