by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Romans 10:9

"Why do I sing about Jesus, Why is He precious to me?
He is my Lord and my Saviour-dying He set me free." I
love that wonderful song.

Now what does it mean to have a LORD? It means to have
a MASTER. We have a word in the Bible called
"Redemption." "To redeem" means literally, "to buy out
of the slave market." There is a picture of the old
slave days, and what awful days they were, when men
would go over to Africa and get slaves and put them in
their ships and bring them over here to America and
treat them with indescribable horror and shame. An
awful picture! They would put them up on the
slave-block. An evil master would come by, look them
over, feel their muscles, to see if they could work
hard and get gain for him. But sometimes a good master
would come by and take a look at the slaves. Over here
is a big slave, with his wife and little child,
fearing that they will be separated, trembling for
what may happen to them, trembling in fear of a hard
master. But the good master steps up and bids so much
for this slave and his wife and child. He buys them
for so much, maybe a thousand dollars, and when he
puts down the money, they belong to him! He has BOUGHT
them with a price. But instead of taking a lash and
driving them into the fields to live and die in
slavery, he says to them, "You are FREE." A puzzled
look comes over their faces. "Free? But where will we
go? What will we do?" The master says, "Well if you
want to, you may come and work for me a while, till
you decide where you want to go." So they go and work
for this good master a while, the master who bought
them to set them free, and when the master comes to
remind them they may go if they'd like, or they may
stay if they would rather stay, the big slave speaks
up and says, "You bought us, you set us free, you've
been good to us. We want to stay and work for you, the
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