by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
I Chronicles 29:10-19

We have in verses 10 through 19 David's thanksgiving
and prayer before God.

David is an old man now, and Solomon is to take over
the kingdom, and David makes a prayer unto the Lord
his God, and what a revealing prayer it is! David and
his God! This spiritual man, and his God!

In this passage we have three principal divisions.
First, the GREATNESS of David's God, verses 10 through
13. Second, the SMALLNESS of David in his own eyes,
verse 14. Third, the PRAYER of a spiritual father for
his son, verse 19.

The Greatness of David's God

You can always judge a man's spirituality by the
greatness of his god. All over the world there are two
theologies: One says, "Big Man, Little God." The other
says, "Big God" (I say it reverently), and Little
Man." I take the Bible viewpoint, which is "Big God
and Little Man" just as David and the spiritual men of
the Bible did. David's God was a GREAT GOD to him!
Notice verse 10: "Wherefore David blessed the Lord
before all the congregation and David said, Blessed be
Thou, Lord God of Israel our father, for ever and

I pause a moment to call your attention to the truth
that God is seldom called the "Father" of His people
in the Old Testament. "Our Father, which art in
heaven" is primarily a New Testament prayer, and all
through the Gospel of John, Jesus teaches His people
that God is their Father. But here, as David addresses
his God, we have one of the rare occasions when God is
called the "Father" of His people in the Old

It is a wonderful thing to have a Heavenly Father, One
Who is Almighty and cares for us as a father cares for
his children. David's God was a God who was a Father
to him. I thank God that David's God is MY God, that I
can lift my voice, through the New Birth. Through
being born again and converted, and say, "My Father."
So David in this passage addresses God a ...

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