by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 25:14-29

I pray that the Lord will bless us now as we meditate
on the fact that He wants us to walk with Him.

There is a responsibility when we come to the Lord
Jesus Christ as our Saviour, to live FOR HIM. How we
need to mean business for our Master!

A party of gentlemen was sitting on the deck of a
steamer coming up the Delaware River, after dark,
looking with admiration upon the clouds illuminated by
a great fire in the city of Philadelphia. When they
landed, one of the men was handed a message: "Your
factory has been entirely destroyed by fire." He had
been looking at a blaze that had made him almost
penniless, the destruction of his own livelihood.

There are many people like that who are rejecting
Christ, and they are going to be homeless for
Eternity. They are smiling and laughing, as they look
on the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, but their only
hope is being burned down right before their eyes!
Their only hope is fading away! They have, only so
long, only a certain length of time to prepare. They
seem to think they have forever to prepare, but no, we
have just a short time to get ready to meet God. If
you are wise, friend, you will make that preparation,
and make it immediately, by coming to Christ by faith
and assuming your responsibility as a child of God.

For there ARE responsibilities. In Matthew 11:20,
Jesus upbraided the cities wherein most of His mighty
works were done because they repented not. Jesus said,
"It shall be more tolerable for the wicked cities of
Tyre and Sidon, in the Day of Judgment, than for you."
The responsibility of REPENTANCE is upon every person
who hears the Gospel.

There are many people today who have not heard the
Word of God. They do not have Bibles. There are
millions who have never heard about Jesus, never heard
the Plan of Salvation, never heard about a Holy God,
and Eternity, the God we are ...

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