by Jesse Hendley

Always Rejoice
Jesse M. Hendley
I Thessalonians 5:17

There is a great passage found in First Thessalonians
5:17, "In everything give thanks." Notice the
preposition, "in."

This is a very strong statement. Most of us feel that
this should read, "In SOME things give thanks." But,
no, it reads, "IN EVERYTHING."

Well, life is filled with many different things, and
in ALL things we are to give thanks, according to this
statement of the Apostle Paul, filled with the Spirit
of God Himself. Though he does not say we are to give
thanks FOR everything, yet that thought is implied
here. We SHOULD give thanks FOR everything. Paul says,
"rejoice always." For everything and in everything
that comes our way, we are to rejoice and give thanks.
Why? Because everything that comes into our lives is
sent or permitted by God Himself.

Remember that God created us. He knew our lives
beforehand. We read in the Bible of the Foreknowledge
of God. Being God, He KNEW. The bright days? He knew
about them. The dark days? He knew about them. Somehow
or other, all things are operating according to His
will. He knew our joys, and He knew also our sorrows.
He gives us everything that we have. We read in the
Book of Acts, "In Him we live and move, and have our
being." Without HIM, we could not live or move or
carry on the activities of life. Without Him, we would
have no being or existence. "The God in Whose Hand thy
breath is," we read in Daniel 5. Daniel said that to
Belshazzar, king of Babylonia. Even our breath is in
His Hands. That is how dependent we are upon Him.

So friends, ALL of life is God's gift to us---not just
a part of life. It is a sin to want to stop living. It
is a sin to want to change what God sends. It is a sin
to envy others their lives, for God has made our lives
for ourselves. The life that God has given you, take
it, and make the most of it, and be thankful for your
blessings! That is the Bible ...

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