by Jesse Hendley

The Final Curtain
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew Chapter 24

If you are a serious student of the Bible, you have to
believe that the coming of the Lord is drawing very
near. If your mind is immersed in the Bible and you
know what God has to say, you recognize that certain
things are happening today that fulfill prophecies of
the Word of God. Current events show that God is about
to raise the final curtain in the drama of the ages.

An Overview
I am just sketching now, because the study of current
events is an entire message in itself. But consider
the genocide going on in the world today. We have read
of the attempt in Laos to exterminate an entire race
of people. It went on in Cambodia. In Iraq, there was
the attempt to eliminate the Kurds.

In Revelation 6:4, we read that in the tribulation
period peace will be taken from the earth. All over
the world---killing fields! Anyone who wants to stay
here for the tribulation period can have it. I don't
want anything to do with it. Genocide! It's an awful
thing. Here we are, a dying race, and it is not
enough; we have to kill. As it was in the days of the
Flood, violence will be all over the earth (Genesis
6:11). Increasing violence is moving toward the
tribulation period.

Then look at Israel and the anti-Semitic spirit today.
It is tragic to see this hatred increasing. When the
people of Israel passed the law that Jerusalem would
be their capital city, immediately the United Nations
went into assembly and condemned them for it, and for
not returning the land they captured from their
enemies. It became a war against Israel. The Script-
ures prophesy that at the end the nations of the world
will come against Jerusalem. There is coming a day
when Israel will not have one friend on this earth.
Even today, she has very few friends. This
anti-Semitic spirit will increase.

Europe in the News
A man called me on the telephone and said, "I have in
my hand t ...

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