by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Daniel l2:31-45, Revelation 20:4-6

One phrase, more than any other, was on the lips of
Jesus: "the kingdom of God." When I first discovered
this, I thought that since this was on Jesus' mind
more than anything else, I certainly ought to find out
all I can about it.

So I began to buy books on the subject of "The Kingdom
of God." But it was confusing, because one person said
this and another said that, and someone else said
another thing. I am not discrediting books. I have a
lot of them, but they can be contradictory.

So I took my Bible, used a concordance, and traced
that phrase, the kingdom of God, for 3 solid months. I
studied every reference carefully in its context, to
learn exactly what God says in His Word, and
specifically what Jesus said while He was here on the
earth. And when I got through, I had a working
knowledge of what the Bible teaches about the kingdom
of God.

Strong's Complete Concordance is an excellent aid to
Bible study. You'll find Scripture references relative
to any biblical subject. You'll also understand why it
takes time to study the Bible.

To give you a proper perspective on the kingdom of
God, I want to review briefly the teaching found in
Daniel 2:31-45. It is the account of King Nebuchad-
nezzar's vision, with its picture of the succession of
world kingdoms from his day until the second coming of
Christ and the introduction of God's kingdom on earth.
Nebuchadnezzar had a dream but didn't remember it, so
Daniel, the man of God, was called in to make known
the dream and the interpretation.

God revealed the dream to Daniel in prayer. Then
Daniel told the king his dream, which was about a
great image. The head of gold represented the kingdom
at that time, Babylonia. The shoulders and arms of
silver were the Medo-Persian kingdom, which succeeded
Babylonia. The belly and thighs of brass represented
Greece, the w ...

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