by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Ezekiel 38 & 39

What does the Bible say about Russia? Many years ago I
taught the prophetic book of the Revelation, and I was
ridiculed by some. I am preaching the very same Word
of God today and people are saying, "You are right." I
stuck my neck out because I believed profoundly that
the Bible is the Word of the living God! And after
more than 60 years of preaching the Bible, I haven't
had to change a thing.

Having been teaching Bible prophecy, covering the
scope of it all these years, I am sure you will agree
that something would have shown up as being false
somewhere down the line if the Bible were not true.
But I have seen prophecy fulfilled before my very
eyes. In my early days, Israel was not in the land of
promise. The Bible says that Israel, scattered among
the nations for thousands of years, would be brought
back into the land in unbelief. That has been
fulfilled. Prophecy and its fulfillment proves that
the Bible is God's Word.

In World War II, when Hitler and the German military
forces swept across Europe and were ready to cross the
English Channel, Winston Churchill asked our President
to send Britain guns and planes and tanks. "We shall
fight on the beaches, we shall fight in the fields and
in the streets, we shall never surrender," were some
of his defiant words.

Suddenly Hitler, instead of crossing the channel,
turned and struck at Russia. He was afraid of the
Russian army. But the prediction of many, including
George C. Marshall, one of the most astute military
generals in history, was that the Germans would
destroy the Russians within 6 weeks.

At that time, a man of God on our west coast published
a book in which he said, "Russia will defeat her
enemies and will become a major power in the very near
future." And instead of the predictions of General
Marshall and others coming true, the Russians drove
back the Germans to ...

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