by Jesse Hendley

Coming Back
Jesse M. Hendley
Matthew 3:12

Many people think more about the externals of religion
than about their heart's affection for the Lord. I am
finding this everywhere I go. After hearing the Word
of God preached and taught, some of them discover that
they have had only a head knowledge of Christ, with no
change whatever in their lives. A person who has only
a head knowledge of Christ is not saved. If our faith
in Christ is just in our head and does not touch our
heart and change our lives, it is spurious. It is not
valid. It is deceptive.

True Christians have a personal, heart relationship
with Jesus. They love Christ for what He has done for
them! They walk with Him by faith, and they look
forward to that moment when they will actually,
literally, bodily be with the Lord Jesus.

We are thinking now about the Rapture of the Church,
that moment when believers, dead and living, will be
caught up to meet Christ in the air, to be with Him
forever in His actual, literal, bodily presence.
People who are saved are anticipating the day they
will meet Him. This is the essence and the culmination
of the Christian life.

Christ Will Become Visible to Us

In Colossians 3:4 we read, "When Christ who is our
life appears, then you also will appear with Him in
glory." Paul was writing to the Christians in Colosse.
He said that Jesus is coming again. Jesus Himself is
going to appear. The Greek word for "appear" is
phaneroo, and it means "to be made visible." When He
is made visible, we will be made visible with Him.
Christ will be seen by people on earth, and they will
see us with Him.

This blessed Lord, whom we've never seen with our
eyes; this blessed Lord, who saved us from our sins
and whose name is to us above every name; this blessed
Jesus, whom we long so very much to see is going to
appear visibly, and we will appear with Him!
Obviously, when He does appear, we will already have
been c ...

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