by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
Isaiah 19

Through the years people have talked about whether or
not the Lord's coming is near. One typical attitude
has been, "Well, preachers have been saying for years,
`The Lord is coming soon,' and He hasn't come yet.
Therefore He is not coming."

As I study the Bible, however, and see the prophecies
being fulfilled today, I must believe that the Lord's
coming for His church is very near. I am not a
date-setter. I am a student of Bible prophecy and
current events. I believe profoundly that we are
living in the last days before the coming of our
blessed Lord. Prophecies are being fulfilled, as we
see them in events going on in the world. Sometimes
they are very subtle things, sometimes outstanding

For example, violence. Twice in Genesis 6 the Lord
says that violence will cover the earth. Today there
is worldwide terrorism, something that was unknown
till a few years ago. Present-day violence is one of
the minor fulfillments of the Word of God, and there
are many.

The Nation of Israel

There are two major prophecies that are fulfilled
today. One is that the people of Israel are back in
their land again, just as God said through Ezekiel
that they would be. There was no nation of Israel in
the land from AD 72 until 1948. The prophecies of
Ezekiel could not have been fulfilled before those
dates, because the Jewish people were not back in the
land as a nation. The reconstitution of Israel as a
nation in 1948 is one of the major signs of the last
days before the return of our Lord, and it
unmistakably reveals that we are in "the time of the
end" according to the Word of God.

The study of Israel is a vast subject, but I want to
give you just the main points, so that they may be of
some help in your study of the Word of God.

To understand Israel and Bible prophecy, you must know
the Covenants in the Bible. One of these is the

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