by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Matthew 10:25-33

Friend, the greatest need in your life is to live for
the Lord Jesus Christ.

I was sitting with a Christian friend the other day in
a cafeteria in Atlanta, and I mentioned a certain
person whom I had not seen for many years, a man of
God. This friend spoke up and said, "Yes, he is the
HOLIEST man I know."

Ever since, that word has been ringing in my soul!
Say, wouldn't you like for a real child of God to be
able to say that YOU were the holiest man, or the
holiest woman, he knew? What a wonderful testimony!

The statement about that godly man is absolutely true.
That man lives a pure, godly, holy life. There is no
question at all about his life. He stays in his Bible.
He spends much time in prayer. All his actions are
Christ-like. All his words are Christ-like. His atti-
tudes are Christ-like. He proves consistently that he
is a child of God. Oh, friends, how many of us fall
short of that today! We ought to be like CHRISTIANS.
God help us to realize our need.

The other day a man called me over the telephone. He
said, "Preacher, I am in great need. I once walked
with God, but I have fallen into sin. I want you to
pray for me. I love God, but I am not near to Him. I
want to come back to Him!" Friends, isn't it a tragic
thing to feel that you love God, and yet all the while
there are things in your life that are dishonoring to
His name? Thank God, there is a way back! I am saying
these things so that if you are not right with Him,
you will come back to Him and not continue in sin. All
of us, every one, need a closer walk with God. We need
to live a Christ-life before a godless world.

Everywhere today, in the newspapers and magazines, in
the speeches of our national leaders, it is being said
that we need a great revival. A revival of what? And
how is it to begin? I'll tell you. A revival isn't
worthy of t ...

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