by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Luke 15:1

"Then drew near unto Him all the publicans and sinners
for to hear Him." Today we want to study the glorious
fact that God loves souls and will save every soul
that trusts Him. You know, one wonderful thing about
Jesus was the way He received people. He received all
classes of people. We read that Nicodemus, a ruler of
the Jews, came to Him by night. We read of Jesus
saving Zaccheus, who was a rich publican. He called
Zaccheus down out of the tree and said, "Today I must
abide in thy house," and Zaccheus was saved and
returned money that he had stolen and started to live
for Christ from that day forward.

In this Scripture, we read that the publicans and
sinners came to Him. All men, of course, are sinners.
But these people were known as outstanding sinners.
They flocked to Christ. There is something very
wonderful about that. Today, the Lord Jesus Christ
stands ready to save. He will save where people throng
the streets of the big cities where there is so much
sin. Jesus is walking where sinners are.

He is walking up and down the streets among the
down-and-outers and the most needy folk. He loves
their souls and no matter who the sinner is, if he
will turn to Christ and take Him as personal Saviour,
Jesus stands ready and waiting to save! Jesus walks up
and down in the midst of slums in the great cities and
offers forgiveness of sin. That is the Good News!
There were those, of course, who wrapped their robes
of self-righteousness about them and looked down on
sinners and said of the pure Son of God, "This man
eateth with publicans and sinners!" They were lost

They had no sympathy with the down-and-out. They had
no time for Christ. They were so blinded by their own
self-righteousness that they didn't recognize their
own sins. They had no heart, no feeling of sympathy
for others. They were on their w ...

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