by Jesse Hendley

Jesse M. Hendley
October 11, 1907---November 30, 1994
Luke 10:25

Friends, I want you to turn with me now to the 10th
chapter of the Gospel of Luke, verse 25.

What we need, more than anything else is revival, and
we remember that song with those blessed words, "Let
the work begin in me!" It must begin in us. In a
recent revival a man said, "You know, I hadn't thought
much about winning souls until these mornings when you
have been teaching us who are Christians about winning
souls." He said, "I was lying in my bed the other
night and it was late, almost midnight, and I thought
about a nephew of mine who was lost. I thought I'd
call him and ask him if he would come with me to the
meeting the next night. A voice said to me, "It's too
late now. Put it off." But I knew that that was the
voice of the devil saying, "Put it off." So I just
picked up the telephone beside my bed and called him,
and he said, "I'll come." That young boy came and I
had the joy of leading him to the Lord Jesus Christ.
This man said, "Preacher, if I hadn't been stirred
about soul-winning, I would have never called that
boy. I never would have gone out of my way. But I WAS
stirred, and that was a soul saved." Think about it. A
soul was saved because someone had a little courage, a
little boldness.

Oh, friends, listen. Aren't souls dying because we are
not courageous enough? Souls of our own loved ones are
perishing! Oh, let the revival begin in me! If it is
to begin in any of us, we must be ready to DO what
Jesus TELLS us to do. A man at the close of a meeting
said, "I drove 40 miles tonight and brought two
friends to this meeting that they might be saved, and
they are in the inquiry room now, on their knees,
coming to Jesus. I am planning to bring others on
Sunday." You see, there was another man working at it.
He wanted the revival to begin in him. If you and I
are the kind of Christians we ought ...

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